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"Entre deux eaux" exhibition

2024-05-17 2024-09-01

Didier Jordan's photographs, set off by Marcel Burger's poems, are on display at Le Palafitte

Born in Fribourg in 1960, Didier Jordan lives and works in Geneva. A freelance photographer, he has always pursued an artistic interest in the urban environment, plants and specific spaces where the notions of matter and the imaginary are paramount. 
Born in Geneva in 1962, Marcel Burger is a poet, musician and publisher. In March 2022, he founded À côté de cela, a publishing house dedicated to poetry of desire and intimacy. He has published nine collections of his own work.

"Entre deux eaux" is a work born of the observation of a beach on a winter's day with the sun in decline. In the sparkling light, the ebb and flow and its infinite variations captured the photographer's attention and sensations. In the course of a slow process of approach and assembly, the form of the diptych proved fruitful. Indeed, assembling two images gives rise to a new motif, a new image. 

"Didier Jordan's photo-paintings of beaches and shores use backlighting to evoke the meeting of elements and materials, the passing of time as an inexorable reality, life teeming in the infinitely small grains of sand, foam and wave crests." Marcel Burger

Opening on Thursday 16 May at 6pm, in the presence of the artists
Exhibition until 1st September

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