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In an environment between the lake and the mountains, nature is omnipresent and offers grandiose spectacles.

The Creux du Van is a breathtaking and vertiginous rocky cirque stretching over a kilometre in diameter.

Here, the landscape is splendid, with an endless panorama of the various lakes and Alpine peaks. This little paradise is home to typical mountain fauna such as chamois, marmots and ibex, which you can regularly see.  The 14-kilometre long Creux du Van trail allows you to explore this impressive natural sculpture.

Not far from the Creux du Van, the gorges of the Areuse are punctuated by waterfalls, ravines with tumultuous water and small lakes.

Hiking enthusiasts will also find their happiness in the Neuchâtel region through its various paths between lake and vineyards. For a closer look at nature, the Grande Cariçaie nature reserves form a group of marshes and flooded forests and are home to a quarter of Switzerland's fauna and flora. Various paths and observation points allow you to admire this completely preserved area.