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Wilo + Kesh


A creative place that is as attached to its traditions as it is to contemporary expression, Neuchâtel is a bustling and vibrant place throughout the year. An architectural landmark in the region, the Hôtel Palafitte was built during the Swiss national exposition, Expo.02. For over a year now, the hotel has been offering a rich cultural programme: music, arts, gastronomic events, crafts... For its director, Pauline Laurent, supporting Neuchâtel talent and local produce is one of the core values of her establishment; indeed, she makes it a priority – and the quality is certainly there!

As for the arts, there are 3 exhibitions per year on a permanent 15-panel circuit. Set up like a lakeside promenade, they line the hotel deck, right on the water. Occasionally, two very large works of art are hung on the outside walls of the lakeside pavilions. Just spectacular!

The autumn exhibition honours street-culture, and celebrates the Neuchâtel graffiti movement – one of the most active in Switzerland since the 1980s.

WILO+KESH are presenting an exhibition they created together.

To welcome us, the intimate exhibition in the smoking room opens the doors to their colourful, offbeat, engaging universe. Then outside, the 15 panels along the circuit celebrate both the lake and the landscape... Urban windows onto the ever-present natural world; the contrast is strong and beautiful.

YOU’RE THE ARTIST! Wilo and Kesh love collaborating and have left us 3 blank canvases, free of their designs, inviting us to add our own. Posca and felt-tip markers are available. Everyone can create their own character, slogan or signature: these canvases are collective Palafittic works of art!


Sunday 1 October at 11:30 with WILO
Sunday 15 October at 11:30 with KESH

The fascinating Live Painting Sessions are an opportunity to admire the artists' virtuosity as they put the finishing touches on the collective works the public has been adding to since 14 September. It's a delightful experience to share with friends or family, before enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch at La Table du Palafitte.


Wilo Weal has been developing his artistic work in the world of graffiti for over 25 years. Constantly evolving, he enjoys playing with traditional codes in an aesthetic that mixes lettering, volume, and illustration to render results in post-graffiti languages. His unique and atypical style has taken him to some of the most prestigious underground graffiti events in Europe. 

Kesh is a graffiti artist from Neuchâtel. A child of the ‘80s, he was brought up on this street art that stems from the United States. Finding city walls too grey for his liking, he began embellishing various Swiss towns with colourful graffiti in the ‘90s. As his art and passion grew, he turned it into a profession in the early 2000s. Kesh has been making his clients' wishes come true for over 20 years now, by creating frescoes, trompe l'œil, and corporate logos. He works with water-based products, seeking to protect the planet and his clients’ health.