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Outdoor exhibition: Le Grand Brun

06 Jan 2019

Le « Grand Brun dans la forêt »

In the Laténium Park, the public is invited to discover the beautiful photographs of wild bears made by the naturalist Jacques Ioset in the forests of Central Europe, where 2000 to 3000 bears still live in freedom. For over 20 years, Jacques Ioset has observed this species in its natural habitat. The photographs he produces are a disturbing testimony to the powerful candor of wildlife. They also question us about our difficult and equivocal relationship with the one that popular traditions have designated as the "Big Brown" or "The Man of the Woods".

Seized on the spot, the plantigrade sometimes betrays sometimes attitudes, postures and strangely human expressions, which evoke a universe of legends and fairy tales. As they are revealed by the photographer's gaze, these living bears today echo curiously the prehistoric bears immortalized by the ice age artists that Latenium presents in his temporary exhibition "Bear".

More information regarding the exposition here.